Jan 022013

This is tale 3 of 3 from 2012. I hope you enjoyed the previous two. I’ve been dreaming of landing a flip on a wakeboard for over a decade, since the first time I strapped one on and Andy and I struggled to teach ourselves how to simply get up on the board. I’ve tried […]

Dec 302012
SWAT Team?

Part 2 of stories from 2012: A couple of years ago we moved to a bigger house in a better school district. Our family was just starting. It was time to sell my old house. I really liked that house. It was my first and I paid for it after selling my first company. It […]

Dec 192012

I’m going to end the year with 3 stories of 2012 that need to be told. Departing from my normal every other month blogging, these will seem rapid fire. The first begins in Summer. My wife Brittany is away for the weekend, on a girls trip celebrating her friend Jamie’s upcoming wedding. They are at […]

Oct 312012

This time around things were a little different for me. Given my complete blank out on gender with my first born, Wyatt, I was actually thinking a lot more about this one’s gender. I preferred a boy, possibly because of how awesome Wyatt is. But I also got excited about the idea of a girl. […]

Jul 202012

My high school basketball coach told me character is what you do when no one is looking. I have a good example. The year was 1996. I was a junior in high school. My brother Andy was a college freshman and was in town. For some reason that night we were at my (his old) […]

May 112012

I have few regrets in life. In my younger days I mistreated some people and I do regret that. I’ve made a few bad decisions here and there and I regret those as well. But those are all regrets of bad actions. I have one of inaction, that I’d like to semi-correct now. Years ago, […]

May 272011

Derby got me thinking recently about the first REAL bet I ever made (other than gambling with friends of course). It was at Ellis Park, a horse track just outside of my hometown of Evansville, Indiana. My grandfather owned race horses and our family would always go to cheer them on. He named each horse […]