Apr 152011

I like to write about taxes now and then, especially on April 15th: Taxes on rich hurt economy Tax facts Tax fairness   But today I’m not writing, I’m quoting. From the 2nd most influential book of all time (behind the Bible):   Public welfare’ is the welfare of those who do not earn it; […]

Mar 222011

I’ve decided to start a second blog that is 100% dedicated to entrepreneurial pursuits. It is at landonswan.tumblr.com. It is linked to on the right as “Fund Yourself”. The twitter is @fundyourself Landonswan.com (and my twitter @landonswan) will remain mainly personal with a touch of politics / business thoughts.

Dec 082010

Over the last few years I have slowly realized something. I have realized what separates the average person from entrepreneurs. On first glance, you might think it is intelligence, hard work, smart work, luck, money or any number of things. But really, there is one defining factor that every successful entrepreneur has and every unsuccessful […]

Aug 052010

I read so many posts on these here internets about taxes. The rich don’t pay their fair share. Taxes are too high on the middle class. Taxes aren’t fair. Everytime it sucks me in and I get furiously involved in the ‘debate’. Here’s what I think: It is wrong that one group of people pay […]

Jun 242010

Time and time again I’ve learned this lesson, so I thought I’d share it. In my 10 years working with my brother Andy, I’ve taken on many many projects myself. Usually I work in solitude, hammering away with extreme vigor in insane spurts of 10, 15 even 20 hour shifts. This goes on for days […]

Apr 152010

Today is my least favorite day of the year. Most Americans don’t distinguish it from any other day. They can thank me and other high earners for that blessed ignorance. The top producers pay 35% federal income tax. (source) The top producers pay between 0 and 11% state income tax (source) The top producers pay […]

Apr 092010

Yesterday I was able to speak with an entrepreneurship class at my alma mater Bellarmine University. The class was taught by the same professor I had 7 years ago. I gave a lot of advice but almost forgot to give what I feel is the most important advice a potential entrepreneur needs to know. Luckily […]

Aug 202009

So you want to use networking to your advantage as a means to helping yourself. The trick to doing so may surprise you: Help them first, ask for nothing in return. It’s true! If you want to make solid relationships and build on those relationships, you have to start with the other guy. Listen to […]

Apr 072009
Trade Sharing

Sliced bread has nothing on mytrade’s new trade sharing feature, thinkshare. Here’s the basics: First of all, you must be a thinkorswim client to take advantage of this feature. And you should be anyway, as they are the #1 broker, hands down. Once inside thinkorswim, anytime you place a trade you can check a box […]

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Mar 272009

The markets have been struggling and the only big moves to the upside have been created because of FED printing money and buying its own debt. Banks are screwed. Commercial real estate is screwed. Good speeches, even with the help of a teleprompter, cannot create profits out of losses. I am predicting a 5-10% decline […]

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