Hello. I’m Landon Swan, and so far, this is my story:

I was born in Amarillo, Texas on September 14, 1979. I was raised in Evansville, Indiana by my parents, Bob and Roxanne Swan. I have one brother, Andy Swan. I attended North High School in Evansville. There I played basketball all four years and graduated with honors in 1997.

I moved to Louisville, Kentucky to attend Bellarmine University. There I played basketball for 3 years and majored in business administration. In 2000 I moved to New York City and transferred to Fordham University. After only a few weeks at Fordham, I dropped out to start a business, with my brother Andy, who also dropped out of Boston College Law School. Bob and Roxanne were concerned. After initial moderate success with, Andy and I moved back to Indiana.

My short stay (3 months) in NYC was a great experience that I will never forget. In Bloomington, Indiana Andy and I focused on the business, which we renamed I enrolled in Indiana University but again, after only a few weeks, dropped out to continue work on the business.After a 9 month stay in Bloomington, Andy and I moved back to Louisville, completing the circle. Here we continued to run DaytradeTeam. I decided after a year in Louisville to finally finish my degree. After consulting with Bellarmine staff, I was able to graduate in 36 hours. Two grueling 18-hour semesters later, I finally had a degree. However, the leave took a toll on the business, which was now doing okay, but not great.Andy and I applied and were accepted to Indiana University’s prestigious Kelley School of Business and both earned substantial scholarships–very rare for a top 10 business school.

With DaytradeTeam stalling, we decided to give it all we had for 3 months. At the end of the 3 months we would know if we could take DaytradeTeam to the next level, or if we needed to head back to school at IU. School turned out to be an excellent motivator, as DaytradeTeam thrived. We moved into an office, hired a web programmer and a phone salesman. Later we added a customer service rep and began training Nick Fenton, a bright and talented trader, as our eventual replacement.

In the Summer of 2006 Andy and I began working on our newest project, In January of 2007 we sold a majority stake in DaytradeTeam to a private firm. Our focus quickly turned to mytrade. We were able to secure funding for mytrade and a few months later sold to thinkorswim, a (the best) stock brokerage firm. They were later bought by Ameritrade. We then moved to become consultants with Ameritrade in 2012.

We have since founded Voomly, a powerful web application that gives experts the ability to monetize their reputation and expertise. We are currently building Voomly.

I am a self proclaimed and proud nerd. I excel at and love math. I enjoy playing chess and am currently a Class B player. I aspire to become a Class A player and possibly a US Expert. I enjoy all athletics, especially basketball, golf, boxing, jiu jitsu, tennis, snowboarding and wakeboarding. I am self-taught and a ‘pretty good’ programmer in ASP, JavaScript, Flash Actionscript, PHP, SQL, and mySQL–it appeals to my very logical nature. I love WWII history, and have an impressive collection of flags, helmets, medals and weapons. I consider myself to have an open mind but have strong political beliefs, mostly libertarian. I enjoy debating (not arguing) political subjects and I like to stay informed. But most of all, I love living life and having fun with family and friends–what else is there?

I live in Louisville, KY with my wonderful wife Brittany, son Wyatt and dog Barren.